For Strides, we needed a flexible charting framework that would allow us to balance performance (loading 1,000’s of data points quickly) with design (clean, minimal look with goal lines and bars colored based on whether the goal is met). shinobicontrols saved us a ton of time building what we envisioned.

Kyle Richey, Strides

Strides allows you to track all of your Goals and Habits in one flexible free app. With Strides, you can track anything you want, because it’s more than a habit tracker; it’s also a SMART goal tracker, with reminders to hold you accountable and charts to keep you motivated, on iPhone, iPad and Web, with an Android app in the works.


shinobicontrols character 5The team at Conquer Apathy wanted a charting solution which could be styled to match their clean, engaging ui design. It also had to be capable of handling many data points smoothly without any noticeable lag. After trialling several alternatives the team chose shinobicontrols as their partner, using line, bar, column and donut charts to visualise their data. Featured by Apple and with future plans for an Android version, Strides continues to go from strength to strength.

Arccos Golf App

arccos (1)



“We’ve had a great experience with shinobicontrols so far and consider their products to be leading the way in mobile data visualization. Our customers wanted to view their stats in real-time, on the golf course. Engaging with shinobicontrols has allowed us to exceed customer expectations in a matter of months.”

Ben Heller, Director of software development at Arccos Golf

Arccos Golf is delivering real-time insight to help golfers get to, and stay at the top of their game, without asking them to change their behaviour or giving them any extra work to do. The technology, through the use of bluetooth sensors and GPS, fits seamlessly into their game. Distance to the pin, greens in regulation and average distance achieved are measured along with many more and then presented in real-time, using shinobicontrols.

Despite having a web dashboard which allowed users to view their stats on desktop, customers told Arccos they wanted better data visualization, available on mobile in real-time and on the golf course.

To meet these needs, Arccos looked for an off-the-shelf solution that offered performance as well as extensive customization. Ben added: “We had to find a solution that could handle the large amount of data that our sensors collect, but also be customizable so the charts would fit with our design requirements and match the look and feel of our wider brand.”

With data visualization a fundamental part of its product, Arccos partnered with shinobicontrols’, using its native controls to deliver a feature-rich app in record quick time. “In the iOS community, shinobicontrols is considered the industry leader and the development process is pretty simple across platforms, which saved us a lot of time”, concluded Ben.


“We love the flexibility of shinobicharts. It allows us to get our charts looking exactly how we envisioned.” Nate Pearson Co-Founder TrainerRoad

TrainerRoad is an app for the serious cyclist, with hundreds of structured workouts that help athletes train and improve. With live data collected from a variety of sources, including heart-rate, cadence and power, this app puts all your training data at your fingertips.

The app connects to Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ cycling devices, collecting data in real-time. It is available for both iPad and iPhone, allowing you to test, train and analyze to become a cycling monster!


PersonWith serious amounts of data on their hands, the TrainerRoad team needed a seriously powerful chart. The GPU accelerated shinobicharts are able to render at 60 fps with tens of thousands of data points. With shinobicharts the team were able to render training data using a variety of chart types, in a completely customised, modern style that complements the overall app aesthetic.




shinobigrids increased our speed allowing us to get all the data sorted and placed. Support worked well also so we could find answers to our questions very fast.”  Jörg Decker CEO Densio

Densio is an easy to use mobile reporting tool for business that allows sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing and human resources to communicate their results. Drawing from a range of datasources including Microsoft Excel, Google Drive and XBRL import, Densio enables you to rapidly tap into and explore your business data.

The Densio app puts information at your fingertips, featuring a clean and crisp interface with interactive charts and grids. Use Densio to bring your team together around the right data, at the right time, from wherever they are for fast decision making.

PersonCharting is a central component of any financial app, allowing investors to quickly spot trends and opportunities. This app makes great use of the advanced charting features on offer from shinobicharts to give their users a highly-interactive full-screen landscape view of a range of financial instruments.



Investing Tab

This market-leading app from investing.com delivers real-time, streaming quotes for all financial instruments, including Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Commodities, Forex, Indices, Futures, CFDs World currencies and crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and LiteCoin. Available for both iOS and Android, it provides a one-stop shop for investors and traders.

Charting is a central component of any financial app, allowing investors to quickly spot trends and opportunities. This app makes great use of the advanced charting features on offer from shinobicharts to give their users a highly-interactive full-screen landscape view of a range of financial instruments.




Biview Tab

BIView Mobile is a business intelligence tool that delivers business data directly to your iOS or Android device. It provides on-the-go access to all the data you need, including a wide range of dashboards, ad-hoc analyses and enterprise reports. A 360° view of your data is enabled by using advanced filtering, pivoting, drill-down, dice and slice (using standard OLAP functionality).

PersonThe BiView team needed a charting product that could handle large quantities of data, rendering it in an interactive and engaging fashion.

The app is available on both iOS and Android, making shinobicontrols the natural choice.


Server Density



Server Density provide “server monitoring that doesn’t suck”! Their app for iPhone and iPad allows users to investigate alerts using a personalised graphical dashboard across servers and clusters. You can stack, filter and compare data in order to spot trends and diagnose issues.

Server Density uses shinobicharts for rendering time-series data across multiple server metrics.

Stacked charts provide users with an interactive and easily navigable view of their data.



Deckfolio Tab

The Deckfolio app provides a novel approach to learning the complexities of financial Options trading. The app is packed with innovative and interactive features; for example, from a single stock chart view users can evaluate individual Option position legs and break-even points by simply tapping and dragging the chart to perform What-if analysis.

PersonThe app makes use of both shinobicharts and shinobigrids to present pricing and portfolio data in a variety of forms. The deck5 team have spent a lot of time working with the extensible charting API to implement novel interactions, which has resulted in a fluid and intuitive user experience.