Fast Multi-Touch Grids

A high-performance component for rendering tabular data composed of rows, columns and cells

  • Column sorting and row reorder via gestures
  • Grouped rows
  • Multiple selection modes with an event’s API
  • Frozen header rows and columns
  • Multiple editable cell types

Now available on both  iOS and Android


Render dashboard data and performance metrics with linear and radial gauge control

  • Flexible styling and layout with our interactive gauge designer
  • Animated value changes
  • Qualitative ranges render as colored bands


Create cover flows and touch navigation with our horizontal, vertical, radial and cylindrical carousel

  • Easily customize your layout using our interactive carousel designer
  • High performance 2D and 3D rendering
  • A comprehensive selection and events API



A stylish and high-performance component that transitions fluently between year, month, day and schedule views

  • Scroll through an infinite or restricted range of dates
  • Add your own events and markers
  • Modern theme with flexible styling.
  • Flexible API to handle interactions

Sliding Overlay

Reveal secondary content and menus via swipe and touch gestures


Pull to Action

Swap buttons for intuitive gestures by adding the classic pull-to-refresh action to your app


Tab Control

Manage complex content across multiple pages just like Internet browsers



Create easy-to-navigate grouped menus and toolboxes


Flow Layout

Build flexible layouts that users control via touch gestures — perfect for dashboards


Progress and Activity Indicators

Stylish and flexible indicators that are viable alternatives to UIKit

Build stunning UI and modern apps at any scale with shinobitoolkit

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