Feature Rich Forms

Build flexible and powerful mobile forms rapidly; ideal for data entry, login, settings screens and much more

  • Stylish
  • Complete set of UIKit fields
  • Validation
  • Input masks
  • Submission options

Wide Range of Fields

All of the popular UIKit controls:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Picker
  • Switch
  • Segment

Absolute Control Over Data

  • Input masks ensure user input conforms to the required format
  • A flexible and extensible validation mechanism
    • Ensure fields are not empty
    • Compare values of multiple fields for min-max and ranges

Flexible Creation of Forms

  • A powerful and flexible  model/view split
  • Use XML to quickly define multiple forms or create dynamic server-driven forms
  • Simple but powerful layout
  • Group related fields for validation

Rapid Construction

Simply create a form model and shinobiforms does the rest for you by constructing the entire view



Define, store and transmit forms in XML for added flexibility


Simple Integration

Integrated generated views easily into your applications, and enjoy total control over the generation process



Group fields into sections for logical or navigation blocks



Forms include several built-in validators, and you can also create your own


Input Masks

Masked input allows you to control the structure of the input field — perfect for phone numbers, zip codes and more

shinobiforms builds data capture into your app — it’s simple, effective and
highly extensible

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