ShinobiCharts now ships with an installer, to make it easier to get started. To run the installer open the ‘ShinobiCharts.dmg’ file which you downloaded from ShinobiControls and run ‘install.pkg’. When it opens up, it should look as below.


The easiest way to install the ShinobiCharts framework is to run the ‘install.pkg’ file. This will install the framework into Xcode for you, along with the framework documentation. This means you can add the framework to your project in the same way as you would any of the frameworks which are automatically shipped with Xcode.

If you don’t want to run the installer, the framework is also contained within the ‘ShinobiCharts’ folder in the disk image. Regardless of whether you ran the installer, you should copy this folder onto your machine. Drag the ‘ShinobiCharts’ folder onto the Desktop icon in the disk image. This will copy the folder onto your desktop.


The ‘ShinobiCharts’ folder contains:

  • A copy of the framework.
  • A copy of the documentation for the framework.
  • A set of samples to demonstrate getting started with ShinobiCharts.
  • An uninstall script for uninstalling the ShinobiCharts framework & documentation from Xcode.
  • The Xamarin.ios version of the framework (only available with the Premium framework).
  • A README file with setup steps.
  • A change log stating the changes made in each release.
  • A copy of the ShinobiCharts Standard Licence.
  • A text file containing the version number of the framework.