Speed to market

Focus your developers’ effort on mobile app development. Maximize your available resources, and bring your app to market faster.

Our controls are extremely simple to use, well documented and come with one-to-one developer support. Save your developers time and increase the quality of work they’re able to produce.

speed to market

end-user experience

Create a superior end-user experience

Our powerful charting engine and UI controls are packed with high-quality features that end-users demand and expect.

Create enterprise applications that WOW your end-users. They will enjoy using them; the first step towards increasing end-user engagement.

Scalable Technology

Built for mobile, our controls utilize the raw power of the hardware to maintain the highest performance as your business and data grows.

We constantly improve, add new products and adapt to the latest market trends. You can invest in shinobicontrols with confidence, safe in the knowledge that our native solution will be suitable for the long-term.

scalable technology

World Class Developer Support

Interruptions can be quickly resolved, eliminating roadblocks and ensuring that your project keeps moving forward.

Your support questions, handled exclusively by the developers that write the code –  nothing is outsourced. Benefit from quick solutions and advice to keep unexpected delays out of your timeline.

world class developer support

right size feature parity

Parity across platforms

A consistent feature set, in an iOS and Android friendly way.

Major parity between features and development concepts across our iOS and Android mobile app development tools ensures a consistent experience for end-users, no matter what device they use.

– Enterprise Ready –

Additional benefits to match bespoke requirements


Multi-Developer Licensing

We can handle teams from 5 to 5 million developers!


Escrow and Source Code options to satisfy stakeholders

Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing options help you manage costs as your team grows 

Influence New Features

Have influence in our product roadmap to help support your own needs and objectives.