ShinobiGrids is a set of powerful and flexible grid controls for iOS, created by ShinobiControls. There are currently two different grid components and the description below will help you to choose the correct one for your needs. For most new projects we would recommend using the new ShinobiDataGrid.

Important: Whichever grid control you decide to use, be careful to only use the classes for that specific grid. All data-grid classes are prefixed with SDataGrid, whereas all grid classes are prefixed with SGrid.

We also recommend that you take a look at the detailed DataGridUserGuide document.

ShinobiDataGrid Overview

The ShinobiDataGrid provides a powerful and flexible way to display tabular data within your application. It has a rich set of features based around organizing data into columns, including sorting, selection, grouping into sections, styling and more. It also comes with a datasource-helper class for which allows you to render your data with very little code. For most projects we would recommend that you use the ShinobiDataGrid.

ShinobiGrid Overview

If ShinobiGrid provides a simpler rendering engine for tabular data. The grid handles the core concepts of cell rendering and recycling. The grid is useful for creating applications such as spreadhseets which might have an unlimited number of columns.

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