SEssentialsAccordionDataSource Protocol Reference

Conforms to NSObject
Declared in SEssentialsAccordionDataSource.h
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The SEssentialsAccordionDataSource protocol is adopted by an object to provide the content for the sections within the accordion. It has one required method.

The content supplied by the datasource is only retained by the Accordion while the content is visible on screen, and will be released when scrolled off screen or the section is closed. It is up to the class adopting the SEssentialsAccordionDataSource protocol to retain content so it can be requested at any time.

Instance Methods


Provides the content UIView for a given section. This method is called at some point between the section being added to an accordion, and the section being opened. If the datasource on an accordion is replaced, the content for each section will be re-requested.

- (UIView *)accordion:(SEssentialsAccordion *)accordion contentForSection:(SEssentialsAccordionSection *)section



The SEssentialsAccordion requesting the content


The SEssentialsAccordionSection for which the content is being requested

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