SChartSimpleDatasource Class Reference

Inherits from NSObject
Conforms to SChartDatasource
Declared in SChartSimpleDatasource.h
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This class can be used to easily setup your chart with series and simple data.

The SChartSimpleDatasource implements the SChartDatasource protocol and must be assigned to a chart’s datasource to take effect.

The series & data you have added to this SChartSimpleDatasource will be passed to and displayed by the chart it’s been assigned to.


Providing data to a ShinobiChart

Instance Methods


Add a series and its corresponding array of data to be displayed on the chart which this SChartSimpleDatasource has been added to.

- (void)addSeries:(SChartSeries *)series dataArray:(NSArray *)data



A series object that must be a subclass of SChartSeries. e.g. SChartLineSeries.


An array of SChartDataPoints or NSNumber objects.


The data array can either be an array of SChartDataPoints or NSNumber objects. If it is an array of NSNumber objects they will be automatically translated into an array of SChartDataPoint objects. The array index will be used as the X value, with the NSNumber used as the Y value. Note: the assignment to X and Y values will be reversed if the series orientation is set to vertical.

The series and data parameters will be validated before being added. If either of the parameters are nil the chart will log a warning and not add the series.

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