SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltipStyler Class Reference

Inherits from NSObject
Conforms to SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltipStylerProtocol
Declared in SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltipStyler.h
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The styler is responsible for applying an SChartCrosshairStyle to SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltip.

This implementation applies a crosshair style to [SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltip shapeLayer] as follows:

- fillColor: same color as the series' (extracted from each SChartSeries using primarySeriesColorForDatapoint: instance method)
- lineWidth: syle.defaultBorderWidth
- strokeColor: style.defaultBorderColor

These can be altered by creating a class conforming to SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltipStylerProtocol and setting the tooltip’s styler property to an instance of the class.