SChartSeriesCrosshair Class Reference

Inherits from UIView
Conforms to SChartCrosshair
Declared in SChartSeriesCrosshair.h
Availability Standard
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SChartSeriesCrosshair draws a small circle around the current point being tracked, accompanied by a tooltip of type SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltip. This tooltip has a caret that points in the direction of the circled datapoint and is capable of displaying both single and multi-value datapoints.

To use this crosshair, simply assign an instance of SChartSeriesCrosshair to the chart’s crosshair property: chart.crosshair = [[SChartSeriesCrosshair alloc] init];

The crosshair is enabled with a tap-and-hold gesture and will lock to the nearest series to pan through the values.

In order for a crosshair to be displayed on a chart series, the series must have its crosshairEnabled property set to YES. This defaults to NO, so you will need to set this property on the series in your chart.

More details about this crosshair can be found in our user guide.




The style defining the look of the Series Crosshair’s tooltip

@property (nonatomic, retain) SChartCrosshairStyle *style

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The tooltip that will be used to display data for the series the crosshair is tracking.

@property (nonatomic, retain) SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltip *tooltip

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The series the crosshair is currently tracking

@property (nonatomic, retain, nullable) SChartMappedSeries *trackingSeries

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