SChartPixelToPointMapper Class Reference

Inherits from NSObject
Declared in SChartPixelToPointMapper.h
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A class capable of mapping a pixel point onto a datapoint, series and suggested pixel point in a ShinobiChart. Intended for use by user crosshairs.

This class is responsible for asking each series how far it is from a given point, and ensuring the point is in the correct coordinate space for the series. The chart also has hit-detectors whose responsiblity it is to be asked and to calculate the distance to their series, for a certain point.

Instance Methods


Map a pixel point to the closest datapoint in the closest series.

- (SChartPixelToPointMapping *)mappingForPoint:(CGPoint)pixelPoint seriesToSearch:(NSArray<SChartMappedSeries *> *)seriesToSearch onChart:(ShinobiChart *)chart


This method will return a SChartPixelToPointMapping, which describes the closest datapoint in the closest series from the seriesToSearch array provided.

You will also get the series and a suggested pixel point of where the datapoint lies on the chart.

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