SChartMappedSeries Class Reference

Inherits from SChartSeries : NSObject
Declared in SChartMappedSeries.h
Availability Standard
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SChartMappedSeries represents an instance of a series that maps its data to axes on a chart.

Coordinates are points defined in a plane by a pair of numerical coordinates, which are the signed distances from the point to either axis in the plane. Mapped series require a chart with at least one X and at least one Y axis.

SChartMappedSeries is the base class for all of the mapped series which are provided in ShinobiCharts. The mapped series types which are available are:

Some types of chart series can be stacked. This means that they are rendered on top of each other, with the first series rendered at the bottom, and subsequent series offset so that they begin at the top of the previous series. The types of series which can be stacked are bar series, column series, line series and stepped line series. See the stackIndex property for more information.



The groupIndex property determines which series will group with each other, for example, which columns group, instead of overlapping. By default, all columns will group with all other columns, all bars with other bars, and so on.

@property (nonatomic) NSInteger groupIndex


The chart’s built-in series achieve this by assigning values to this property in their initializers. Negative integers for this property are reserved for the chart’s own classes, in order to allow the chart’s series' groupIndexes to not clash with any user-provided series' groupIndexes.

You can make your series overlap instead of being positioned alongside each other by giving each series a unique groupIndex.

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Instance Methods


The series' data range with adjustments made to ensure the baseline, stacked series and bar/column widths are included within the range.

- (SChartRange *)paddedRangeOnAxis:(SChartAxis *)axis

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Returns the range of the data in the X axis.

- (nullable SChartRange *)rangeOfDataInX

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Returns the range of the data in the Y axis.

- (nullable SChartRange *)rangeOfDataInY

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