SChartMainTitleStyle Class Reference

Inherits from SChartTitleStyle : NSObject
Conforms to NSCopying
Declared in SChartMainTitleStyle.h
Availability Standard
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A look of a chart is managed by an instance of SChartTheme or one of its sub-classes. Themes contain a set of style objects, each of which are responsible for managing the look of a particular aspect of the chart.

The SChartMainTitleStyle class is responsible for managing the look of the main chart title. As well as the properties it inherits from SChartTitleStyle, it also allows you to specify the chart element on which the title should center, and whether the title should overlap with the chart canvas.

Warning: Chart titles are not currently supported on radial charts.



Indicates whether space should be reserved at the top of the chart for the title, or whether it should overlap with the canvas.

@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL overlapChartTitle


Setting this attribute to YES will allow the UILabel to appear over the chart canvas. Setting it to NO will push the canvas area down and reserve space above the chart plots for the title.

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Set how the title centers.

@property (nonatomic, assign) SChartTitleCentresOn titleCentresOn


  • SChartTitleCentreOnChart: Centers the title on the full chart view.
  • SChartTitleCentreOnPlottingArea: Centers the title on the plot area.
  • SChartTitleCentreOnCanvas: Centers the title on the canvas.

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Instance Methods


Supplements this style object by taking styles this object doesn’t have, from the argument, style

- (void)supplementStyleFromStyle:(SChartMainTitleStyle *)style

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