SChartDelayBounceWithMinimumAnimationCurve Class Reference

Inherits from NSObject
Conforms to SChartAnimationCurve
Declared in SChartDelayBounceWithMinimumAnimationCurve.h
Availability Standard
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This curve evaluator describes a curve similar to that described by SChartBounceAnimation but at the start the curve is constant at 0.1. This is the ‘delay’ where there is no change. The ‘bounce’ occurs over a shorter proportion of the duration (50%) at the end.

The important difference between this curve and a SChartDelayBounceAnimationCurve is that this curve never returns 0 during the delay - it returns 0.1 which means that the series will be visible.

See the SChartAnimationCurve protocol for more information on curve evaluation.