@protocol SChartDataAdapter <NSObject>

Provides an interface for any object wishing to adapt a series’ data points.

  • Derives and returns an array of adapted data points from the given dataPoints.

    Note that the SChartData objects in dataPoints will have values of the same type as the data originally provided by the chart’s data source. For example if you supply data points that have x values that are NSDate objects, then the SChartData objects contained in dataPoints will have NSDates for their x values.



    - (nonnull NSArray<id<SChartData>> *)adaptedDataPointsFromDataPoints:
        (nonnull NSArray<id<SChartData>> *)dataPoints;



    An array of SChartData objects to be adapted.

    Return Value

    An array of SChartData objects representing an adapted version of dataPoints.