This document provides an overview of the ShinobiGridView control. It describes the features of the control and its associated concepts, together with some step-by-step guides for achieving common tasks.

shinobigrids provides a quick and effective way to display tabular data in an Android application. The grid can represent data in rows and columns.

If you simply want to get up and running, follow the Quick Start Guide. Alternatively, for a more detailed description of how the shinobigrids control works and the features it presents, head over to the shinobigrids Control Overview. Finally, for guides that tackle specific usage scenarios, head on over to the shinobigrids how-to guides:

System Requirements

  • The Android SDK - for details of its System Requirements see
  • We highly recommend using the Android Studio IDE; while this is not necessarily required, shinobigrids has been primarily tested with, and works best with, this IDE.
  • The minimum Android SDK supported by the shinobigrids library is API 14: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)