public final class


extends GridItemDecoration
     ↳ com.shinobicontrols.grids.supplement.GridItemDecoration
       ↳ com.shinobicontrols.grids.supplement.DataItemDecoration

Class Overview

An extension of GridItemDecoration which is specifically intended for use with the GridRecyclerView which visualizes the data items within the ShinobiGridView.

An ItemDecoration allows the application to add a special drawing and layout offset to specific item views from the adapter's data set. This can be useful for drawing dividers between items, highlights, visual grouping boundaries and more.


Inherited Constants
From class com.shinobicontrols.grids.supplement.GridItemDecoration
Public Constructors
Public Methods
void setAlwaysDrawTopGridline(boolean alwaysDrawTopDivider)

If set to true the top dividing line will always be drawn.

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From class com.shinobicontrols.grids.supplement.GridItemDecoration
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From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public DataItemDecoration ()

Public Methods

public void setAlwaysDrawTopGridline (boolean alwaysDrawTopDivider)

If set to true the top dividing line will always be drawn. Setting this to true will override the default behavior. The default behavior is such that if a header row exists on the grid then the top dividing line for the data items will not be drawn.

Typically you would set this to true when you have a header row with no dividing lines, but wish to have dividing lines for your data items.

The effects of this change will not be visible until invalidateItemDecorations() is called on the GridRecyclerView that this ItemDecoration belongs to.

alwaysDrawTopDivider set to true if you wish the top dividing line to always be drawn