This document provides an overview of the ShinobiChart control. It describes the features of the control and its associated concepts, together with some step-by-step guides for achieving common tasks.

shinobicharts provides a quick and effective way to graphically display data in an Android application. The chart contains a plot area, upon which a set of chart series are displayed. Each series contains a set of data points. A chart can display a number of different types of chart series simultaneously.

The plot area is surrounded by axes which define the dimensions of the data specified. Each axis has a range describing the data being displayed. Furthermore, shinobicharts allows the modification of the axis display by providing zoom and pan interaction out of the box.

If you simply want to get up and running, follow the Quick Start Guide. Alternatively, for a more detailed description of how the ShinobiChart control works and the features it presents, head over to the shinobicharts Control Overview. Finally, for guides that tackle specific usage scenarios, head on over to the shinobicharts How-to Guides.

System Requirements