This package contains a number of com.shinobicontrols.charts.SeriesStyle implementations that provide advanced styling functionality, namely for the com.shinobicontrols.charts.BarSeries, com.shinobicontrols.charts.ColumnSeries and com.shinobicontrols.charts.LineSeries classes. The advanced styling functionality includes multi-stop gradients, bi-directional gradients and dashed lines.


AdvancedBarSeriesStyle Advanced style object for use with the com.shinobicontrols.charts.BarSeries  
AdvancedColumnSeriesStyle Advanced style object for use with the com.shinobicontrols.charts.ColumnSeries  
AdvancedLineSeriesStyle Advanced style object for use with the com.shinobicontrols.charts.LineSeries  
GradientStop A container used by a number of advanced styling classes that look after color, location pairs used in multi stop gradient styling.