This package contains a number of useful classes that enable sophisticated animations of com.shinobicontrols.charts.Series to be achieved. This includes the ability to drill-down, with animation, from one series showing a high-level overview to another series showing a more detailed view of the data.


AxisSpanAnimationRunner Runs a given set of com.shinobicontrols.charts.Animations based on the span of the Axis this AxisSpanAnimationRunner listens to. 
AxisSpanAnimationRunner.Builder A convenience class to assist with the creation of an AxisSpanAnimationRunner for the purpose of animating a change to the visibility of a CartesianSeries, based on the span of the current displayed range of the associated Axis. 
ProgressTransition A ProgressTransition describes a range of axis span values from a starting span to an ending span. 
ProgressTransitionAnimationPair Maps a ProgressTransition to an Animation to be run over that transition's span range.