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ShinobiControls.Android.Grids : ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Supplement Namespace

BlankColumnHeaderViewHolder Class

A convenience ViewHolder that contains a single .


[Android.Runtime.Register("com/shinobicontrols/grids/supplement/BlankColumnHeaderViewHolder", DoNotGenerateAcw=true)]
public sealed class BlankColumnHeaderViewHolder : Android.Support.V7.Widget.RecyclerView.ViewHolder


A convenience ViewHolder that contains a single . When at least one Column in a ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core.ShinobiGridView has a header, a header row will be displayed. This means a blank space will be present for all Columns that do not have a header themselves. This ViewHolder is used to occupy those spaces.


Namespace: ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Supplement
Assembly: ShinobiControls.Android.Grids (in ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.dll)
Assembly Versions:


See Also: Inherited members from Android.Support.V7.Widget.RecyclerView.ViewHolder.

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