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ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core Namespace


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Type Description
Column Represents a column in a ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core.ShinobiGridView.
Column.Callback Documentation for this section has not yet been entered.
GridRecyclerView implementation that is specific to the ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core.ShinobiGridView.
GridRecyclerView.SavedState Documentation for this section has not yet been entered.
IAdapterSpec Defines some general properties of the ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core.ShinobiGridView such as the number of rows the grid will contain.
IColumnSpec Defines certain properties and behavior of a ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core.Column.
IHasGridBehavior Describes grid-specific behavior.
IItemViewHolderCreator An ItemViewHolderCreator maps an itemViewType, which is just a unique int identifier, to a method of creating a corresponding .
InvalidTrialLicenseException Thrown when, in the shinobigrids product, a ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core.ShinobiGridView tries to render and a valid trial license key has not been set on the grid (via ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core.ShinobiGridView.SetTrialLicenseKey(string)).
ISelectionMode An interface which is used to define how selection of items within the ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core.ShinobiGridView happens.
IShinobiGridViewAccessProvider Provides access to a ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core.ShinobiGridView.
Selector A helper class which facilitates operations associated with the selection and deselection of items within the ShinobiControls.Android.Grids.Core.ShinobiGridView.
ShinobiGridView The ShinobiGridView is a highly customizable UI component that efficiently displays grid based information.