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Shinobi.Gauges Namespace


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Type Description
ISGaugeDelegate Interface version of Shinobi.Gauges.SGaugeDelegate.
ISGaugeNeedle Interface version of Shinobi.Gauges.SGaugeNeedle.
SGauge A component representing a single value.
SGaugeAxis The axis shows the major and minor tick marks, and labels around the perimeter of the gauge.
SGaugeDarkStyle A dark themed style.
SGaugeDashboardStyle A dashboard themed style.
SGaugeDelegate Defines optional methods, which allow you to manage the appearance and modification of the Shinobi.Gauges.SGauge and its component parts.
SGaugeDelegate_Extensions Extension (optional) methods for Shinobi.Gauges.ISGaugeDelegate.
SGaugeLightStyle A light themed style.
SGaugeLinear A gauge drawn from left-to-right as a linear display.
SGaugeLinearNeedleOrientation Controls the orientation of a needle.
SGaugeLinearOrientation Controls the orientation of a linear gauge.
SGaugeNeedle The needle of the gauge, used to indicate the current value.
SGaugeNeedle_Extensions Extension (optional) methods for Shinobi.Gauges.ISGaugeNeedle
SGaugeQualitativeRange A data structure object that describes a color range on the Shinobi.Gauges.SGaugeAxis.
SGaugeRadial A gauge displaying a circular arc composed of Ticks, Labels and a Needle.
SGaugeStyle Offers control over the appearance of the Shinobi.Gauges.SGauge.
SGaugeTickAlign Used to control the alignment of tick marks.
SGaugeTickMirror Used to control how tick marks and labels are mirrored.
ShinobiGauges ShinobiGauges is a global utility class for the ShinobiGauges framework.