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Type Description
ISEssentialsAccordionDataSource See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsAccordionDataSource
ISEssentialsAccordionDelegate See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsAccordionDelegate
ISEssentialsCarouselDataSource See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsCarouselDataSource
ISEssentialsCarouselDelegate See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsCarouselDelegate
ISEssentialsDiscreteIndicatorElementFactory See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsDiscreteIndicatorElementFactory
ISEssentialsFlowLayoutDelegate See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsFlowLayoutDelegate
ISEssentialsPullToActionDelegate See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsPullToActionDelegate
ISEssentialsPullToActionStatusView See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsPullToActionStatusView
ISEssentialsPullToActionVisualizer See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsPullToActionVisualizer
ISEssentialsSlidingOverlayDelegate See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsSlidingOverlayDelegate
ISEssentialsTabBarProtocol A protocol defining the SEssentialsTabbedView interaction with the tabs in the tab area
ISEssentialsTabbedViewDataSource See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsTabbedViewDataSource
ISEssentialsTabbedViewDelegate See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsTabbedViewDelegate
ISEssentialsTabHeaderViewProtocol The header view for a SEssentialsTab must adopt this protocol.
ISEssentialsTabOverflowProtocol Protocol for objects that are able to select tabs
SEssentialsAccordion SEssentialsAccordion (or simply, an accordion) is a means for displaying lists of information, where some of the information is shown, and some of the information is hidden.
SEssentialsAccordionDataSource The SEssentialsAccordionDataSource protocol is adopted by an object to provide the content for the sections within the accordion.
SEssentialsAccordionDelegate The delegate of a SEssentialsAccordion object must adopt the SEssentialsAccordionDelegate protocol.
SEssentialsAccordionDelegate_Extensions See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsAccordionDelegate
SEssentialsAccordionSection SEssentialsAccordionSection is a UIView representing an individual section within a SEssentialsAccordion
SEssentialsAccordionSectionHeader The SEssentialsAccordionSectionHeader contains information relevant to an SEssentialsAccordionSection header.
SEssentialsAccordionSectionHeaderStyle The SEssentialsAccordionSectionHeaderStyle defines the look and feel for an instance of the SEssentialsAccordionSectionHeader class.
SEssentialsAccordionType Accordion type options: Flexible, Fixed
SEssentialsActivityIndicator An SEssentialsActivityIndicator shows that a task is in progress.
SEssentialsAnimationCurve A class that provides a variety of curves for use with SEssentialCarousel.
SEssentialsAnimationCurveBounce An SEssentialsAnimationCurve that has a bouncing animation.
SEssentialsAnimationCurveEaseIn An SEssentialsAnimationCurve that has an eased in animation.
SEssentialsAnimationCurveEaseInOut An SEssentialsAnimationCurve that has an eased in and out animation.
SEssentialsAnimationCurveEaseOut An SEssentialsAnimationCurve that has an eased out animation.
SEssentialsAnimationCurveLinear An SEssentialsAnimationCurve that has a linear animation.
SEssentialsAnimationCurveType An enum for the types of animation curves included in Essentials.
SEssentialsAnimationCurveWobbleHeavy An SEssentialsAnimationCurve that has a heavily wobbling animation.
SEssentialsAnimationCurveWobbleLight An SEssentialsAnimationCurve that has a lightly wobbling animation.
SEssentialsAnimationType Animation type options: Linear, Sweep, FromTop, User
SEssentialsCarousel An SEssentialsCarousel is a layout component for displaying a collection of UIViews, in any 2D or 3D configuration.
SEssentialsCarouselCylindrical An SEssentialsCarousel which displays all items on the surface of a cylinder.
SEssentialsCarouselDataSource The SEssentialsCarouselDataSource provides an SEssentialsCarousel with it's content, and information about the content.
SEssentialsCarouselDelegate Delegate class for an SEssentialsCarousel.
SEssentialsCarouselInverseCylindrical An SEssentialsCarousel which displays all items on the surface of a cylinder.
SEssentialsCarouselLinear2D An SEssentialsCarousel which displays all items in a line, either with horizontal or vertical alignment, with a constant spacing between items.
SEssentialsCarouselLinear3D An SEssentialsCarousel which displays all items in a line with perspective scaling as the items move further from the focus point.
SEssentialsCarouselOrientation Used to control the direction items on a Carousel are laid out in.
SEssentialsCarouselRadial An SEssentialsCarousel which displays all items in a circular layout.
SEssentialsCoverFlow An SEssentialsCarousel which displays all items in a line, either with horizontal or vertical alignment.
SEssentialsDarkTheme A concrete implementation of an SEssentialsTheme with dark tones as defaults.
SEssentialsDecoratedCachedView The SEssentialsDecoratedCachedView creates a view that is a cached image of the view supplied.
SEssentialsDecoratedDoubleSidedView The SEssentialsDecoratedDoubleSidedView creates a view that is double sided, i.e. is will display a different view when rotated away from the camera.
SEssentialsDecoratedFadedView The SEssentialsDecoratedShadowedView applies a gradual fade towards the edges of the view.
SEssentialsDecoratedReflectedView The SEssentialsDecoratedReflectedView adds a reflection underneath the wrapped UIView.
SEssentialsDecoratedShadowedView The SEssentialsDecoratedShadowedView adds an inner shadow effect on either side of the wrapped view.
SEssentialsDecoratedView The SEssentialsDecoratedView allows decoration to be added to the wrapped UIView.
SEssentialsDiscreteIndicatorElement A single visual element of a discrete progress indicator
SEssentialsDiscreteIndicatorElementFactory Generates individual indicator elements
SEssentialsEdgeConstraints Edge constraint options: None, Vertical, Horizontal
SEssentialsEditButtonLocation Edit button location options: Top right, Right, Bottom right, Bottom, BottomLeft, Left, TopLeft, Top
SEssentialsFlowDeleteIdiom Flow layout deletion idiom options: TrashCan, Icon
SEssentialsFlowLayout A UIView that flows its subviews as text would be laid out on a page.
SEssentialsFlowLayoutDelegate Delegate object for the FlowLayout
SEssentialsFlowLayoutDelegate_Extensions See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsFlowLayoutDelegate
SEssentialsFlowLayoutImagesWrapper A collection of images, used for creating an SEssentialsFlowLayoutStyle.
SEssentialsFlowLayoutStyle The SEssentialsFlowLayoutStyle defines the look and feel for an instance of the SEssentialsFlowLayout class.
SEssentialsHorizontalAlignment Horizontal alignment options: Left, Center, Right
SEssentialsIndicatorType Indicator type options: LinearContinuous, LinearDiscrete, RadialContinuous, RadialComplete
SEssentialsIOS7Theme A concrete implementation of SEssentialsTheme which follows the Apple guidelines for styling controls in iOS7.
SEssentialsLightTheme A concrete implementation of an SEssentialsTheme with light tones as defaults.
SEssentialsOverflowDropdownView Tab control to access excess tabs
SEssentialsProgressIndicator A SEssentialsProgressIndicator displays the progress of a long running task.
SEssentialsProgressIndicatorStyle Defines the look and feel for an instance of the SEssentialsProgressIndicator class.
SEssentialsPullToAction The SEssentialsPullToAction control attaches to a scrollview, or any class which is a sub-class of UIScrollView.
SEssentialsPullToActionAlignBottomVisualizer An implementation of the SEssentialsPullToActionVisualizer that gives the visual appearance of the status view sliding inwards, aligned to the bottom of the Pull to Action control.
SEssentialsPullToActionArrow A UIView which draws an arrow spanning its entire bounds.
SEssentialsPullToActionBaseVisualizer An abstract implementation of SEssentialsPullToActionVisualizer that handles sizing and animation of the Pull to Action control.
SEssentialsPullToActionDefaultStatusView A default implementation of the SEssentialsPullToAction's status view.
SEssentialsPullToActionDelegate The delegate of a SEssentialsPullToAction must adopt the SEssentialsPullToActionDelegate protocol.
SEssentialsPullToActionDelegate_Extensions See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsPullToActionDelegate
SEssentialsPullToActionStatusView The SEssentialsPullToActionStatusView protocol defines the messages sent to a status view from it's parent SEssentialsPullToAction component, allowing the status view to update itself visually.
SEssentialsPullToActionStatusView_Extensions See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsPullToActionStatusView
SEssentialsPullToActionStatusViewAlignment Specify how the Pull to Action control is visualized.
SEssentialsPullToActionStretchVisualizer An implementation of the SEssentialsPullToActionVisualizer that gives the visual appearance of the Pull to Action control stretching to reveal the status view.
SEssentialsPullToActionStyle The SEssentialsPullToActionStyle defines the look and feel for an instance of the SEssentialsPullToAction class.
SEssentialsPullToActionVisualizer Defines the messages sent to a status view from it's parent SEssentialsPullToAction control.
SEssentialsScrollableTabBar An implementation of SEssentialsTabBarProtocol that scrolls left and right to hold more tabs that can fit on screen at once.
SEssentialsSlidingOverlay The SEssentialsSlidingOverlay class represents two UIViews, one of which slides over the other, to reveal it.
SEssentialsSlidingOverlayButtonPosition Sliding overlay button position options: Left, Right
SEssentialsSlidingOverlayDelegate Delegate object for the sliding overlay
SEssentialsSlidingOverlayDelegate_Extensions See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsSlidingOverlayDelegate
SEssentialsSlidingOverlayImagesWrapper Used to customize the images used in a SEssentialsSlidingOverlayStyle.
SEssentialsSlidingOverlayLocation Sliding overlay location options: Left, Top, Right, Bottom
SEssentialsSlidingOverlayStyle The SEssentialsSlidingOverlayStyle defines the styling for the SEssentialsSlidingOverlay class.
SEssentialsSlidingOverlayToolbar The SEssentialsSlidingOverlayToolbar class provides access to the button and toolbar area for custom styling.
SEssentialsStyle The base class for all styles in Shinobi.Essentials
SEssentialsTab SEssentialsTab holds information about a single tab within SEssentialsTabbedView.
SEssentialsTabBarPosition Tab bar position options: Top, Bottom
SEssentialsTabBarProtocol See Shinobi.Essentials.ISEssentialsTabBarProtocol
SEssentialsTabBarProtocol_Extensions See Shinobi.Essentials.ISEssentialsTabBarProtocol
SEssentialsTabbedView A UIView which comprises a set of subviews, only one of which is visible at any given time.
SEssentialsTabbedViewCustomImagesWrapper Used to customize the images used in a SEssentialsTabbedViewStyle.
SEssentialsTabbedViewDataSource An object which provides content for a SEssentialsTabbedView control.
SEssentialsTabbedViewDataSource_Extensions See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsTabbedViewDataSource
SEssentialsTabbedViewDelegate Tabbed view delegate base class
SEssentialsTabbedViewDelegate_Extensions See Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsTabbedViewDelegate
SEssentialsTabbedViewStyle Defines the look and feel for an instance of the SEssentialsTabbedView class.
SEssentialsTabHeaderView A default implementation of header views for tabs in the SEssentialsTabbedView control.
SEssentialsTabHeaderViewProtocol Abstract class which adopts Shinobi.Essentials.ISEssentialsTabHeaderViewProtocol
SEssentialsTabOverflowProtocol See Shinobi.Essentials.ISEssentialsTabOverflowProtocol
SEssentialsTheme Theme for ShinobiEssentials.
SEssentialsTransparentTheme A concrete implementation of an SEssentialsTheme with transparent tones as default.
SEssentialsUnderlaySizeType Underlay size type options: Pixel, Ratio
SEssentialsVerticalAlignment Vertical alignment options: Top, Middle, Bottom
SEssentialsView Base class, providing shadowing, shine and a textured background.
ShinobiEssentials A global utility class for the ShinobiEssentials framework.