public class


extends AnimationCurve
   ↳ com.shinobicontrols.charts.AnimationCurve
     ↳ com.shinobicontrols.charts.BounceDelayAnimationCurve

Class Overview

This curve evaluator describes a curve similar to that described by BounceAnimationCurve but where the bounce occurs over a shorter proportion of the duration (50%). For the remainder of the duration, the curve is constant at 1. This is the delay where there is no change.


Public Constructors
Public Methods
float valueAtTime(float time)
Returns the (normalized) value for the animation curve at the given (normalized) time.
Inherited Methods
From class com.shinobicontrols.charts.AnimationCurve
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public BounceDelayAnimationCurve ()

Public Methods

public float valueAtTime (float time)

Returns the (normalized) value for the animation curve at the given (normalized) time.

time Time is provided as a float between 0.f and 1.0f, where 0.0f is the beginning of the animation and 1.0f is the end of the animation. (time = elapsed time / duration)
  • The progress of the animated quantity between its beginning and end positions, where 0.0f is the start state and 1.0f is, nominally, the end state. It is valid to return a value v where either v < 0.0f or v > 1.0f and it not necessary to return 1.0f at time 1.0f.