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Our GitHub repo contains many examples with full sourcecode

Code samples

Sorry, we were unable to retrieve the code samples from github. Try browsing the shinobicontrols repositories directly.

FAQs for Charts

How do I get started?

Download a free 30 day trial from the shinobicharts page and work through the quick start guide above.

We also recommend reading the user-guide included in the docs above. It contains lots of information and examples.

What devices can I run the charts on?

shinobicharts work very well on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices. The devices must support OpenGL 2.0 for some of the controls to function (that includes iPhone 3GS and later, 3rd generation iPod Touch and later and all iPads). The device must also be running iOS 6.0 or later.

For more details see the iOS Device Compatibility Reference.

shinobicharts will also work very well on Android devices running an API version of 9 and above.


Do you support/have any examples of the chart features?

To see a comprehensive set of examples and try the charts out, download our iOS app shinobiplay.

Don’t forget you can download a free 30 day trial from the shinobicharts page

What series types are supported?

A complete list of supported series can be found on our comparison chart on the shinobicharts page.

To see examples of every series type, download our iOS app shinobiplay.

How can I get more help configuring my chart?

We provide detailed documentation, these are bundled with the framework which you can download a 30 day free trial of here.

There are also lots of resources available here, from code samples to tutorials. Try a search using the box above.

Enterprise customers can also speak directly to a member of our Developer Support Team with a 1 Business Day response time.

What if I need a feature that's not in the chart yet?

It’s always worth getting in touch – we may be able to help you create the feature from the current API. If it’s just not possible, then we’ll certainly discuss your requirements and add them to our todo list!

Where can I find out about the latest developments?

We’re always happy to talk charts! If you want to discuss anything just get in touch or follow us on twitter @shinobicontrols where we’re always posting about our latest dev antics. We’ll be posting product and company news as well as general thoughts on our blog too.

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