Since its inception in 2011, shinobicontrols has been creating comprehensive, powerful interactive UI controls for iOS and Android developers. By 2012, we launched shinobicharts, our first product. Since then, we’ve grown rapidly, and now we provide UI solutions to thousands of customers with our rapidly expanding portfolio of products.

shinobicontrols is a branch of Scott Logic Limited.




- Meet the Team -

  • Stuart

    Stuart Grey, COO

    Stuart realized the extraordinary promise of mobile computing when the iPhone debuted, and has worked with Apple products ever since. He's one of the masterminds behind shinobicontrols, and wrote some of the very first code for shinobicharts.

    It's likely that he coded it all in his head on one of his famous 60-mile ultra-runs. As a proud owner of more pairs of running shoes than he has toes, he hones his skills through preparation, execution and challenge of participating in grueling endurance sports.

    All the hard work grounds Stuart and gives him the focus he needs to create amazing every day.

  • Colin

    Colin Eberhardt, CTO

    Colin is a seasoned multi-platform developer and self-proclaimed coding addict. He also enjoys sharing his expertise with others. When he's not perfecting shinobicontrols, you might find him writing tutorials for RayWenderlich.com, or preparing to speak at an upcoming event or conference. He is also an author of the book Swift by Tutorials.

    He keeps it real by embracing his passion for skating and refusing to "act his age". Colin regularly hits the skatepark to practice grinds, aerials and stalls right alongside the kids. It's a perfect complement to his technical work because the chance of breaking himself forces his brain to take a breather.

    In all senses of the word, he is a technical genius. Before he led the technical team here, he spent time designing microscopes. Though it doesn't sound as glamorous as being a rocket scientist or brain surgeon, it polished his problem solving skill at the most granular of levels. Talk about attention to detail!

  • Kai Armer, Business Development

    Kai is a natural people person, heading up our sales and marketing efforts. As a self professed Apple fanboy, you might be surprised to hear he’s also a super keen Android developer and loves to dabble in the code too, with many shinobicontrols features having his name on.

    Not just multi-talented at work, you’ll have to look on and off road for Kai at the weekends, just make sure it’s a nice day as the team are always calling him out for being a true fair weather cyclist! He’ll even head overseas for the prefect day out if the weather forecast isn’t good!

    All of this means Kai is always able to help you out - no matter the problem!