Built for Mobile

Each of our iOS and Android controls delivers a fast, responsive user experience. Our native controls harness the raw speed of mobile devices directly for fluidity, finesse and flawless performance.

For Developers by Developers

At shinobicontrols, we’ve built the custom components we always wanted for our apps. Each product is backed by features you need to make them your own, like flexible and configurable APIs, detailed how-to guides and sample code.


First-Class Support

We’re always ready to answer your questions and queries:

  • Our product developers directly respond to your requests
  • Extensive product resources and documentation in our developer portal
  • Regular updates to fully support the latest iOS and Android releases

Multi-language and Multi-platform

Full support for all the leading platforms and languages:

  • iOS development in Objective-C and Swift
  • Android development in Java
  • Xamarin C# development for both iOS and Android


- Trusted by enterprise -

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