We’ve got a solid team working on ShinobiControls from our UK offices in Newcastle upon Tyne, Edinburgh and Bristol. They’re not too pretty though – so we’ll just show you the management guys whose idea all this was in the first place.

Chief Executive Officer
Jesse was born in Santa Monica, CA, grew up in Germany and now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a great experience but his accent now suffers from an ongoing identity crisis! His career spans 13 years working as a software engineer, holding a broad range of positions from developer to CEO across SMEs, start-ups and multi-national corporations.
Chief Operating Officer
Stuart grew up in Manchester, but migrated north to university in Newcastle. After 7 years of software engineering and AI, enough was enough, and he moved into the development of enterprise level process management systems - so he's not afraid of a bit of data! 6 years of that and several years of iOS development later and he's putting it all together here with us.
Chief Technology Officer
Colin was born in Cambridge, UK, studied at Leeds and has been slowly moving North ever since. Colin has had a diverse career having worked as a research fellow, laser-powered microscope designer and software engineer for medical systems. But finally, Colin has found his groove in software, where he has most recently been helping corporates define their mobile technology strategy.
Chief Marketing Officer
David has over 30 years’ experience working in the software industry. Originally a programmer, David moved through sales, product management and marketing to hold director level roles in Marketing, Business Development and Product Management & Delivery at major software vendors including Sage Group plc, QSP plc and IRIS Software Group. The most recent member of the team, David is determined to ensure the developer community is upto speed and fully aware of the growing stable of Shinobi products.
Technical Evangelist
Sam completed his first degree in maths in Cambridge, UK, before deciding that he should gain some more widely-applicable skills. After completing his doctorate in computer vision, Sam continued his research working as a civil servant for the UK Government. Deciding that his passion lay elsewhere, Sam has been developing software for mobile devices ever since. Getting out and talking to people about data visualisation, mobile software the wider ecosystem is Sam’s forte - be sure to say hi when you see him at events and meet ups around the world. You can follow him on twitter @iwantmyrealname.
Marketing Executive
Ross is an innovative, hardworking marketer and creative do-gooder. He has a wealth of experience dealing with digital and traditional marketing channels working with creative agencies in London and global brands such as Nokia, LEGO and Disney. He’s rather infatuated with problem solving, data insight and analysis and generating ideas that build relationships between people, products and businesses.

Why ShinobiControls?

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A brand you can trust

If you want outstanding components and quality UI controls for your iOS apps you’ve come to the right place! With lots of happy customers, you can rely on us to lead and never follow.

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Save time and impress quickly

All our ShinobiControls products have been designed with speed and impact in mind. We want to make your life easier and your end users' experience a delight with our cutting edge controls.

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A lasting friendship

We are committed to care and extra resources to aid you on your app building journey, with a developer forum and our ShinobiPlay app, all backed up with responsive and expert support.

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