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"Great blend of chart and grid examples and technical assistance and information for the iOS App developer. Good Stuff!"

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"Very good.  I'll give the trial a go"

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Interested in finding out more about ShinobiControls? Want to see our stunning charts, grids and essentials in action? Then download ShinobiPlay for free from the App Store today to get a feel for just how powerful and impressive these controls really are. Already own ShinobiControls? Download ShinobiPlay for a whole host of inspirational ideas, tools, working examples and guides to help you on your next iOS project using ShinobiCharts, ShinobiGrids and ShinobiEssentials.


Discover the full force of ShinobiCharts, ShinobiGrids and ShinobiEssentials by interacting with our working examples in ShinobiExperience. Play with out of the box features, become one with highly stylized designs that you too could master using ShinobiControls. See how you could construct a truly unique experience for your users.
To help you recreate our stunning data visualization examples and to add more of your own, we have made supporting notes available to you to explain how and why our examples in the ShinobiExperience have been produced.
Pinch, pull and zoom with ShinobiGallery, a complete set of all our ShinobiCharts in their glory! Choose from bar and column, specialist, pies and points sets each with interchangeable themes for the ultimate ShinobiCharts thrill!


“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.” ShinobiResources has been created with this in mind. Expand your knowledge with beginner, intermediate and advanced guides and materials that you can interact with, including sample code or simply try one of our fully interactive “How to guides” linked directly to examples. Support your development with ShinobiControls using API documentation to see just how easy it is to work with our controls as an iOS developer.
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Try out your own designs and styling, manipulate data - ShinobiDesigner is the perfect tool to see what you could produce with ShinobiCharts. This clever little feature will also generate the code behind your designs, ready for you to add into your ShinobiCharts projects - time and effort saved for you and an interactive joy for your end users!
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ShinobiPlay, the perfect accompaniment to any ShinobiControls product.