Real time, real data

Bring data to life with real time charting and watch charts grow before your eyes as new data points are added with no need to refresh. It really is playtime for data!

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Make life sweeter

Try our ultimate controls and care bundle. Highly polished Charts, Grids and Essentials designed with the developer in mind to reduce time and effort. Let us guide you on your app building journey.

Shinobicontrols For Ios
We want to Gauge your reaction

Head over to ShinobiLabs to download ShinobiGauges – a NEW proof of concept component, a fully stylable and configurable radial and linear gauge for you to try out. So take a look and remember to let us know what you think!

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Why ShinobiControls?

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A brand you can trust

If you want outstanding components and quality UI controls for your iOS apps you’ve come to the right place! With lots of happy customers, you can rely on us to lead and never follow.

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Save time and impress quickly

All our ShinobiControls products have been designed with speed and impact in mind. We want to make your life easier and your end users' experience a delight with our cutting edge controls.

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A lasting friendship

We are committed to care and extra resources to aid you on your app building journey, with a developer forum and our ShinobiPlay app, all backed up with responsive and expert support.

Take a Tour of ShinobiControls:

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  • Shinobigauges For Suite Mini Tour

If you're building an iPhone or iPad app and you want to show your data in charts, let's make your life easier, and your users' experience even better:

  • Stunning charts in seconds
  • Animations and real-time data streaming
  • Handles 500,000+ data points
  • 17 chart types - pies, lines, areas and more
  • Fully extensible API for customizing layout
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Charts For Ios

Trying to show data tables or do tabular layouts in your iPhone or iPad app?  Look no further, we've got just the ticket to make your job easier:

  • Powerful, interactive and editable data grids 
  • Smoothly handles 250,000+ cells
  • Style grid, rows, columns or cells
  • Fully extensible API for customizing layout
  • Intuitive gestures for interaction
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Grid Minitour Footer

A comprehensive set of fully customizable UI controls designed to enhance any iOS app. Created with the developer in mind to reduce time and effort with a selection of popular user interface controls:

  • Various Carousel controls
  • Sliding Overlay Panel
  • Progress and Activity Indicator
  • Tabbed View and Accordion
  • Flow Layout Panel
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Flow UI Control

When we say fast, we mean fast! With our GPU accelerated rendering engine, our charts aren’t just quick – they’re lightning fast!

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Building an iOS dashboard and want to visualize targets or performance metrics? Save time and money with ShinobiGauges. Packed with fully customizable radial and linear gauges, these controls are extremely easy to use, straight out of the box!

  • Flexible styling, 'flat' or life-like, it's your choice!
  • Animated value changes
  • Configurable axis
  • Extensive documentation and example code
  • Quantitative ranges with configurable color bands
  • A familiar iOS-friendly API
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Gauges Mini Tour
Josh Sloat
Lead Software Engineer, Thomson Reuters

When it comes to support, it is unusually amazing to deal with developers who communicate in such a clear and thorough manner. As for the APIs, they are some of the cleanest and most intuitive I have ever used. The header files are commented in a clear and...

Josh Sloat
Conrad Bosman
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Adding the ability to graph patient data was the essential next step in the further development of my App. ShinobiControl's elegant API, combined with extremely clear documentation and examples...

Dr Conrad Bosman
Miguel de Icaza
CTO/Founder, Xamarin

The thing about   GPU-based graphs is that you don't appreciate how amazing they are, until you see them live.

Miguel de Icaza
Rob Elkin
Engineer, Server Density

ShinobiCharts is everything you would expect from a modern framework, with good documentation, well structured relationships and classes, customisable interface elements, and the datasource and delegate callbacks you would expect...

Rob Elkin