ShinobiCharts for Android gets ready for Lollipop!

Lollipop Small

At last, Google’s much anticipated Android release – v5.0 or ‘Lollipop’ is here, and at Shinobi HQ nothing ever stands still! We were keen to ensure that ShinobiCharts for Android will play nicely with Google’s latest offering and decided to share some of our discoveries.

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Mobilizing Your Enterprise - Part I: Understanding the Need

I gave a talk a few weeks ago entitled "Enterprise Mobility: Are you ready?" and I thought I'd share some of the themes with you in the form of a short blog series on the subject. The talk was aimed at understanding some of why the mobile movement is different from traditional enterprise software and what we need to understand, as an organisation, to take advantage of it.

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Using ShinobiCharts with Android Studio 1.0


Android Studio has finally come out of Beta and we here at ShinobiControls are very excited to be getting our hands on a stable release. We have plans in place to release ShinobiCharts for Android as an .aar file, but for the meantime we will use our tried and tested methods for installing the library. Thankfully, with regards to importing and using the ShinobiCharts library in Android Studio, a lot of what was mentioned in this previous blog post is still relevant.

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Apps World Europe 2014 - Round Up

Several weeks ago it was that time again, to jump into the buzzing world of start-ups, innovation, industry giants, platform owners, developers, shows and presentations… otherwise known as AppsWorld Europe, one of the largest mobile developer events in the world.

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