iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 38 :: Handoff


One of the key new concepts introduced at WWDC in 2014 was that of Continuity, describing the ability to seemlessly switch between devices, and continue your task. The underlying technology behind Continuity is called Handoff, and it works across both iOS and Yosemite. In today's post you'll discover how to use Handoff between iOS apps, with a maps app which allows you to share the current view between devices completely seemlessly.

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ShinobiCharts for Android 1.7 Release

Axis Image

It's here, and it's delivering a major feature many of you love in our iOS charts: Discontinuous Axes. We've had a lot of requests for axes that can skip date ranges, particularly among our enterprise customers. We hope that this latest release, will allow you to bring the Android charts in your app up to parity with the iOS version and even embark on new projects using this new feature.

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