Charts in ListViews - Part 1: Displaying Charts


This post is part of a four part series describing how to add ShinobiCharts to your ListView in Android. This first part describes some of the patterns we need to be familiar with when it comes to working with ListViews and shows how we can easily populate it with charts using ShinobiCharts for Android.

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iOS 8: Day by Day - eBook Release

The incredibly popular blog series iOS 8: Day-by-Day by Sam Davies has now been produced as an eBook. Inside is a compilation of in-depth and insightful posts aimed at helping other keen developers get to grips with this new technology.

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Mobilizing Your Enterprise - Part II: Remember the User

In the previous part of this series we started out by trying to understand the need for, and potential of, a mobile strategy. We also looked at some possible general, high level approaches to adopting such a strategy. In this post, I'd like to move on to look at what it takes to get the most out of your mobile strategy once you've worked out which route to take.

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iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 39 :: WatchKit


Although the Apple Watch was unveiled back in September 2014, developers have only recently got hold of an SDK - hidden away inside iOS 8.2. Today's post is a first-look at building a WatchKit app - covering the similarities and differences to an iPhone app, the components that make up an Apple Watch app and where to go from here. All wrapped up in a slightly odd watch app, entitled NightWatch. Enjoy!

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ShinobiCharts for Android gets ready for Lollipop!

Lollipop Small

At last, Google’s much anticipated Android release – v5.0 or ‘Lollipop’ is here, and at Shinobi HQ nothing ever stands still! We were keen to ensure that ShinobiCharts for Android will play nicely with Google’s latest offering and decided to share some of our discoveries.

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