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Lightning Fast Charts

Android charts
Take charge with our GPU accelerated rendering and really ramp up your Android charts! Plot hundreds of thousands of datapoints whilst allowing your users to interact with your charts in real-time.

Our Android charting components share the same core rendering logic as its iOS Charts cousin. If you’ve got data to show off, let ShinobiControls for Android make life easier!

Packed with Useful Features

This version 1.4 release is not just quick, it’s clever. With a range of chart types and features that are needed to enhance any app, our charts really enhance user experience.

Make your data much easier to understand and manipulate with:
  • Pie and donut series
  • Line and scatter series
  • Bar and Column series
  • Numeric, date and category axes
  • Gridlines and stripes
  • Crosshair and selections
  • Extensive styling and theming options
  • Stacked Series (Bar, Column and Line charts)
And an API that’s clear, logical and well documented.
Android charts

Advanced Features for Advanced Charting

The premium edition of our Android Charts includes several advanced features for financial, medical and scientific charting. These include:

  • Multiple axes
  • OHLC Series
  • Candlestick charts
  • Annotations

All backed up with expert support, tutorials and the all-new ShinobiDeveloper.

Advanced Android Charts

Multi-Touch Interactions

ShinobiCharts for Android will make your data come alive - with built-in pinch, pan and zoom gestures, your users will be able to scroll through massive datasets with ease.

Charts which deliver smooth user interaction with data, embedded seamlessly within your app.

Top Class Support

We think the best way to get started fast, is by example. That's why we provide how-to guides and include plenty of sample code covering all of the major features our charts have to offer.

All this is backed-up with comprehensive resources in ShinobiDeveloper including: additional documentation, FAQ's, all the latest blogs and a vibrant developer forum.

If you still need a little more help, we also provide support direct from the team that developed the charts.

Xamarin Support

Our charts come complete with Xamarin.Android bindings, allowing them to be used within your Xamarin C# applications.

We’ve also gone the extra mile by providing complete API documentation, getting started guides and samples for our Xamarin users.

Of course if you're using Xamarin to develop an iOS version, we've also included Xamarin bindings, in our range of cross-platform bundles.

And Even More Exciting Features to Follow

We have lots of features and improvements lined up in our road map to make sure ShinobiCharts for Android is constantly improving to be bigger, better and faster!

With many new exciting features to follow AND 12 months free ShinobiCare (includes upgrades and bug fixes), there has never been a better time to buy!
Android charts