ShinobiControls was founded in 2011 to create a comprehensive set of powerful, interactive UI controls to help iOS developers create awesome apps to delight their end users.

Since the launch of the first product, ShinobiCharts in February 2012, the business has grown rapidly, now serving hundreds of customers with a rapidly expanding portfolio of controls.
With its headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom and offices in Edinburgh and Bristol the Shinobi operation is growing quickly, centred around its team of world class developers.

ShinobiControls and its sister company Visiblox are software product arms of Scott Logic Limited.


ShinobiControls operates in 3 locations over the UK:

ShinobiControls HQ:

Office Newcastle

Newcastle Upon Tyne

3rd Floor
1 St James’ Gate
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

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ShinobiControls Offices:

Office Bristol


10 Victoria Street
United Kingdom

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Office Edinburgh


1st Floor, 80 George Street
United Kingdom

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ShinobiControls contact details:

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Email: info@shinobicontrols.com

Tel Nr: +44 (0) 3331 014 500


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Why ShinobiControls?

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A brand you can trust

If you want outstanding components and quality UI controls for your iOS apps you’ve come to the right place! With lots of happy customers, you can rely on us to lead and never follow.

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Save time and impress quickly

All our ShinobiControls products have been designed with speed and impact in mind. We want to make your life easier and your end users' experience a delight with our cutting edge controls.

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A lasting friendship

We are committed to care and extra resources to aid you on your app building journey, with a developer forum and our ShinobiPlay app, all backed up with responsive and expert support.