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ShinobiCharts is everything you would expect from a modern framework, with good documentation, well structured relationships and classes, customisable interface elements, and the datasource and delegate callbacks you would expect...

Rob Elkin, Engineer, Server Density

What's New in ShinobiControls 

iOS8 Day-by-Day Blog Series Has Begun…
Sam Davies, our technical evangelist, has started his iOS8 blog series covering all of the significant features of this year’s iOS update. As well as a review of all of the exciting new capabilities and APIs, each post in the blog series will also include a sample application so that you can see all of the new features in action.

If you have not had the chance to read the series so far, you can catch up by visiting the index page or to make sure you don’t miss out in the future, subscribe to our iOS8 email list.  

About ShinobiControls

ShinobiControls is a provider of iOS software and Android components to ease the development of native, cross platform mobile apps.  We offer a comprehensive set of interactive iOS charts, grids and powerful UI controls. In addition to our iOS components, we provide a powerful Android charting SDK.  Our mission is to simplify and reduce the cost of development of top class mobile apps.